Life as a college doc

Episode 22: Life as a college doc

Yakira Teitel, MD, MPH speaks about her work as director of Bard College Health Services

Show notes

Dr. Yakira Teitel, is the director of Health Services at Bard College in Annondale-on-Hudson, NY. Dr. Teitel received her MD from the University of Californina , San Francisco and her Masters in Public Health from Columbia University. She is a trained Family and Community Medicine clinician.

Dr Teitel, has dedicated her career to promote public health, equity and health care access. She speaks about the importance of empowering students to advocate for their own wellness and works with students and the Bard community in promoting health in mind and body with a focus on sexual health, reproductive health and gender-affirming care.

Questions of comments? Call 845-307-7446 or email

Produced by Jennifer Hammoud and Matty Rosenberg @ Radio Free Rhiniecliff



Yakira Teitel MD MPH

Yakira Teitel MD MPH

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