Moving beyond Sexual trauma; Healing to Thrive

Episode 19: Moving beyond Sexual trauma; Healing to Thrive

Dr. Holly Richmond , a psychotherapist and sexual health therapist explores surviving and then thriving after sexual trauma.

Show notes

Dr. Holly Richmond, a somatic psychotherapist, certified sex therapist and an international health and wellness coach and author of Reclaiming Pleasure, A SEX POSITIVE GUIDE for MOVING PAST SEXUAL TRAUMA & LIVING a PASSIONATE LIFE discusses what constitutes sexual trauma and the process of recovery. Beyond surviving, Dr. Richmond provides insight into reconnecting with your sexuality, your partner(s) and finding pleasure in your intimate life. Finding a safe and supportive environment takes time and a team of experts/allies to assist you as you heal from sexual trauma. Dr. Richmond provides resources for survivors to access this healing journey.

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Holly Richmond PhD

Holly Richmond PhD

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