Sex Ed

Episode 24: Sex Ed

Lorelei Sharkey speaks about the value of sexual education and the academy she founded to help young people learn about their bodies and sexual health.

Show notes

Lorelei Sharkey is a cofounder of The Butterfly Academy; a health, self care and relational education organization in NY’s Hudson Valley. . She is an American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors & Therapists—Certified Sex Educator (AASECT-CSE), a Certified Holistic Sex Educator (CHES), and a seasoned sex-&-relationship writer who has, over the course of her 25-year career in the field, penned many books, columns and features in a variety of publications. The Butterfly Academy is dedicated to empowering kids and their parents around the realities of healthy relationships, diversity and body positivity with accurate information and age-appropriate honesty. Lorelei shares with GynoCurious how she came to be a sex-ed expert and how important it is to educate pre-teens and teens about sexual health. We discuss the benefits and the obstacles to sexual education across the country.

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Lorelei Sharkey

Lorelei Sharkey

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