The Voice of Advocacy

Episode 37: The Voice of Advocacy

Wendy Stark, the CEO and President of Planned Parenthood of Greater NY speaks to us of her work and the complexities of women's healthcare.

Show notes

Wendy Stark, is now president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Greater NY after spending the last 30 years in leadership and advocacy roles in the health care space. She speaks with great compassion, patience and humility about her work and the challenges of politics, economies and issues around medical/personal autonomy on individuals seeking wellness.

She shares with GynoCurious how she feels inspired by her work, the stressors and ways in which she copes with the many obstacles she encounters day to day and her hopes for the future of healthcare for women, their communities and this country.

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Produced by Jennifer Hammoud and Matty Rosenberg @ Radio Free Rhiniecliff

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