Welcome to GynoCurious

Episode 1: Welcome to GynoCurious

Chats about our fears, sexual explorations, and aging adventures with respect, inquiry and science.

Show notes

Welcome Gynocurious listeners,

I am Dr. Amy Novatt, board certifiecd ob-gyn, your host of GynoCurious. With each program we are going to explore the experience of being an ob-gyn, the science that guides our practices and the stories women- cis, trans and nonbinary, have shared as they seek health and wellness. From both sides of the speculum we will investigate what it means to be a healer and to be healed.

I have been reflecting on 32 plus years of practice; thinking about all that I have learned, heard and thought about and wanted to bring it to a larger audience. This will not be a medical show that tells you how much estrogen you should take or the scientific method used to evaluate data but instead, a conversation about the larger canvas looking at what its like to be a medical professional working with women and how patients experience the world of ob-gyn.

What is it like sitting in the exam room with a thin sheet of paper covering your naked body? What has been the impact of a cancer diagnosis? What it is like to go through the menopause?….These are just a few examples of conversations I hope to bring to you.

My intention is not to expose my patients personal histories but rather use their stories as stepping stones to explore many aspects of our bodies, our psyches and the landscape of the medical world.

In a time when most of us are frustrated by the American medical system; with the challenges of limited access, financial limitations, gender and racial discrepancies in care, the insurance morass and a host of other hurdles; my hope is that GynoCurious creates a community of guests and listeners that bring us all closer- to openly explore and understand the experience of illness and health and to break open decades of silence, misunderstanding and shame for having a vagina.

We are going to talk about our fears, sexual explorations and aging adventures with respect, inquiry and science.

For me, knowledge and awareness brings awe, authority and autonomy.

Questions of comments? Call 845-307-7446 or email comments@radiofreerhinecliff.org

Produced by Jennifer Hammoud and Matty Rosenberg Engineered by Ricardo Gutierrez

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