What does nutrition mean to you?

Episode 26: What does nutrition mean to you?

Roufia Payman, DT, CDN, speaks to us about nutrition and food as a medicine for the whole being; far beyond weight control and counting calories.

Show notes

Roufia Payman, DT,CDN is Director of Nutritional Counseling and education at Northern Dutchess Hospital and a licensed nutritionist and dietitian. She helped create the New Leaf and Get Real Weight Results programs at Northern Dutchess Hospital to help women meet their health and fitness goals. She teaches patients how to use nutrition to combat disease risk factors and how to incorporate healthy eating into an active lifestyle. Her programs look at the whole person– and help them take control of their diet, and their life.

Roufia Payman recommends: Books: Atomic Habits by James Clear
Salt  sugar , fat by Michael Moss  The end of over eating by Dr David Kessler , Fat chance by Dr Robert Lustig . Also, the documentaryBlue Zone diet and Blue zone Cooke book and website. 

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Roufia Payman DT CDN

Roufia Payman DT CDN

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