Ulcerative Colitis Part Two

Episode 42: Ulcerative Colitis Part Two

Jennifer Ciotta continues her conversation about healing with ulcerative colitis

Show notes

Jennifer Ciotta shares further information about healing from a life threatening ulcerative colitis flare in 2021. She tells GynoCurious the lessons she has learned about diet and lifestyle and her individual decisions about treatments. She reviews allopathic and complementary approaches in healing. Jennifer describes the additional diagnosis of mold toxicity and its relationship with her UC and how she incorporates that diagnosis into her overall way of life.

https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ulcerative-colitis-autoimmune-healing-journey/id1620943512 https://www.radiofreerhinecliff.org/the-rhinebeck-scoop.html

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Produced by Jennifer Hammoud and Matty Rosenberg @ Radio Free Rhinecliff



Jennifer Ciotta

Jennifer Ciotta

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